Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about the My CC's Card loyalty program.

Whom can I contact if I have problems with my Card?

Please email or call 1-855-705-7774, option 0.

What are the available times to speak to a Guest Service Representative?

Our representatives are available to assist you Monday – Thursday 9AM-1PM CST and Friday 9AM – 11AM CST. If you are not able to reach a representative at the time you call, please leave a detailed voice message with your name, phone number and the reason for your call and one of our representatives will be able to call you back within 72 hours of receiving your voicemail. You may also email us at

How do I register my Loyalty Card to continue to use the program and earn free beverage rewards?

Visit, click on REGISTER at the top of the page, and enter in your 16 digit CC’s Loyalty Card. You will then be asked to enter in your personal information to create your new online Loyalty account. You may add your phone number to your loyalty account to earn points on your CC’s Loyalty account before your transaction is completed without your physical card present. If you have any problems registering your CC’s Loyalty card, you may call our Guest Service Representatives at 1-855-705-7774, option 0 or email us at for assistance.

Can I have more than one Card?

If you have more than one card and would like to combine the balances on multiple cards, simply log onto your account and click the “add a card” button to get started.

I received a CC's Gift Card. Does it have the same benefits as My CC's Card?

Both Gift Cards and CC's Loyalty Cards can be loaded with cash, registered at and reloaded with more cash after the balance is spent. Once registered, Gift Cards function exactly as CC's Loyalty Cards - complete with points, benefits and rewards.

Where can I get a Card?

At any participating CC's Coffee House location or you can call our home office (1-855-705-7774, option 0) and speak with a Guest Services representative who can send one via mail.

Please note, our home office cannot apply money on guest loyalty cards. Guests can do so at a location or online when logging into their account.

Which set of numbers is my loyalty card number on the back of my loyalty card?

The first 16 digits is your loyalty card number. You will be asked to enter this set of numbers when you register your card at You can also reference this loyalty card number when you call in for assistance.

How can I check the balance of my Card?

Log onto or call 1-855-705-7774, option 0.

Are there any dormancy fees for non-use?

No. The CC's loyalty Card is not a credit card and you will never incur fees of any kind.

Do my loyalty points ever expire?

If your card is registered, your points will convert to a free drink once you accrue the amount of points specified for your current tier level. Once your points convert to a free beverage, that offer will expire within 30 days.

Points earned on an unregistered card will accrue indefinitely and will not expire, but these points cannot be converted to a free beverage until the card is registered.

Can I transfer balances from one Card to another?

Yes. You may register multiple Cards through, which grants the option of transferring any and all CC's Loyalty Card balances to a single CC’s Loyalty account. You may only have 20 active cards per loyalty account. You can find these features under Account Balance when you log in at Click on the “add a card” button to add another loyalty card to your account and all balances will automatically transfer. You will then have access to all those loyalty details from every active loyalty card on your account.

I used to have multiple cards registered to my email address. How do I combine those cards and their balance/loyalty points to my new loyalty account?

To combine your other cards on to your loyalty account, log in at and add each card using the “add a card” button on the account summary screen. Please call 1-844-705-7774, option 0 to speak to a guest service representative if you have difficulty with this process.

How many cards can I combine on my CC's Loyalty account?

You may combine up to 20 CC's cards on each loyalty account. Once you combine cards onto one loyalty account, it is recommended that you change the card status to disabled for any cards you do not wish to use on your account. Please note: If you attempt to combine more than 20 cards on one loyalty account, the account will be automatically suspended and you will need to contact CC's guest service department for assistance.

Can I still get my loyalty points from my purchase after I have completed my transaction?

We are not able to add loyalty points unless it is a part of the point of sale transaction in a participating CC’s location. Please be sure to hand the CC’s Team Member your loyalty card before your transaction is completed.

If I forget my loyalty card, can I still get loyalty points added to my account with my receipt?

We are not able to add loyalty points unless it is a part of the point of sale transaction in a participating CC’s location. If you add your phone number to your loyalty account at, you may use that number to look up your loyalty account in a participating CC’s location to receive your loyalty points.

If my total purchase isn't exactly a whole dollar amount, do my points round up or down?

We round up for cent values above $0.50 and round down for cent values $0.50 and below. For example, you'd receive 5 bonus points for $4.51 but only 4 points for $4.50.

Can I still accumulate points without registering my CC’s loyalty card?

You can accumulate points on an unregistered card. However, in order to claim your points for free beverages, you must register your card at

MyCC's Card Benefits

  • Fast & Convenient
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent on all purchases
  • Access your transaction history
  • Reload your Cash Balance
  • Receive awesome surprises like a free drink for your birthday
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